Mythbusters lands in Chicago in 2012

The Discovery Channel show Mythbusters will be coming to Chicago in March of 2012. . . sort of. There will be a Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry. And from watching the show, I do not think the “Explosive Exhibition” will fall short of its name.

Jamie and Adam — the hosts of the show explain that they did not want this to be a typical museum exhibit, it was going to be hands on. Which fits right in with the great exhibits the MSI strives to bring to the city.

Chicago Sun Times reported that some of the key features of the exhibit would be:

  • A blueprint room of the Mythbusters’ headquarters which will include props and drafted ideas from previous shows
  • Hands on workshops for visitors to take part in the experiments
  • Stand-in hosts for Jamie and Adam to run through larger experiments and demonstrations

As a Mythbusters fan, and one who is tuning into the season premiere tonight — I cannot wait to see what they bring to Chicago!

Source: Chicago Sun-times