Addicted to Mobile Photos

It has been a couple of months since I have pulled out my DSLR. I love it. I really do. Nothing compares to my 50mm lens, but sometimes I feel that I need to be on a specific mission to take photos if I am going to use it — mainly because of its size. This may be why I have been eyeing those new Sony NEX cameras (although I am waiting to see what Nikon brings to the table).

What I always have on me though, is my phone. And with amazing apps like Camera+ I really can’t go wrong if I want to get a little creative on the go. I have been taking advantage of the nice weather the past week or so by venturing out around the city. I find myself back in the groove of shooting again, just hoping it will finally get me back into the mood to pick up my trusty Nikon again soon.





Mythbusters lands in Chicago in 2012

The Discovery Channel show Mythbusters will be coming to Chicago in March of 2012. . . sort of. There will be a Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry. And from watching the show, I do not think the “Explosive Exhibition” will fall short of its name.

Jamie and Adam — the hosts of the show explain that they did not want this to be a typical museum exhibit, it was going to be hands on. Which fits right in with the great exhibits the MSI strives to bring to the city.

Chicago Sun Times reported that some of the key features of the exhibit would be:

  • A blueprint room of the Mythbusters’ headquarters which will include props and drafted ideas from previous shows
  • Hands on workshops for visitors to take part in the experiments
  • Stand-in hosts for Jamie and Adam to run through larger experiments and demonstrations

As a Mythbusters fan, and one who is tuning into the season premiere tonight — I cannot wait to see what they bring to Chicago!

Source: Chicago Sun-times

Chipotle brings social networking back to reality.

It’s one thing for thousands of customers to “Like” your Facebook page. But why not have some of those fans really engage with your brand by taking them outside of their home and spending the day investing their time with you?

Chipotle is really bringing the idea of social communities back to reality with their Cultivate Festival in Chicago. On October 1st, Chipotle is taking over Lincoln park and giving Chicago some more of what it truly enjoys — music, food, and craft beer.

At this festival from 11am to 7pm, they will be rolling out some new recipes to try as well as teaching about local farmers and sustainable farming, providing free entertainment from five local bands, chats with 11 top chefs, and washing it all down with craft beer from midwest breweries including Goose Island and Bells.

Sounds like a good opportunity to stop reading the continuous feeds from new Facebook and go enjoy the fall weather. I know I’ll be there!