We “Like” change. . . except when it comes to Facebook.

Facebook Dislike ButtonMy generation has been dubbed the Millennials. People have defined this generation as having characteristics such as: confident, liberal, connected, self-expressive and open to change. This open to change characteristic is why so many of us jumped on board with the Obama campaign a few years back. We want to change the world, change society, and encourage progress.

Which is why I grin every time Facebook decides to change its layout, its structure, or anything of the sort and mostly all of my friends in this Millennial generation freak out. If we are so keen on change, why does it bother us so much when something as constantly evolving as Facebook changes even a little?

Mashable.com is taking a poll on whether Facebook users love the changes, hate the changes, or don’t care. So far, almost 73% of voters said that they HATE the changes.

This shouldn’t be surprising, it seems every time something changes on Facebook people hate it, then warm up to it. The changes make sense, they are moving forward trying to compete with others as the world of social media evolves, but why is the “change” generation so against it?


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